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*who is your favorite clib kid? why? It changes daily, today it is Walt Paper
*why do you like party monster? I could never put it into words
*how old are you? 16
*location? California
*gender? Female
*hobbies? Acting, singing, writing poems, being fabulous, designing clothes
*favorite color? green
*tell a joke. What does Michael Jackson like about Twenty-eight year olds?
Theres twent of them, haahha
*post a good picture of yourself, and one of party monster/michael alig/a club kid, behind an LJ cut. :)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
^^^Theres Me^^^
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
^^^Wow, me and James St.James (I hope that counts as a pic of a club kid!)
*give 3 quotes from the Party Monster movie. "We did all your drugs and we need some more"
"If you have a hunchback throw a little glitter on it, honey. Go dancing!"
"Ohhh, James, I'm getting away with murder and your just jealous!"
*what is your favorite part of the movie? I can't choose one part
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