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Suck My Dick, Lick My Ass

name: Mycki
age: 22
location: Alberta, Canada
gender: female
hobbies: writing, singing, clubbing, hanging out with friends, listening to music, playing around with my camera, studying history (yes, I do this for fun)
favorite color: black, baby blue, bright orange, lime green
tell a joke: What's the difference between a duck? One of both of it's legs is the same. OR What has one leg and bleeds? Half a dog. (Both of them make me giggle insanely for some reason, lol)
post a good picture of yourself, and one of party monster/michael alig/a club kid, behind an LJ cut.
I just cut the whole damn thing because I'm nice like that. :)
Image hosted by Me making some ridonkulus face. :)

I ADORE Richie Rich.

give 3 quotes from the Party Monster movie.
"Well when have you heard of a pea changing it's pod?"
"No, no, no, for the love of God, no! We are not going to start out with Michael Alig's pathetic childhood "I was molested, Waaah!" I had a hard time growing up too."
"Well, congratulations on getting out of the very dangerous world of haberdashery!"
and one more, just because! "Last night I dreamed of Guacamora, again."

what is your favorite part of the movie? Oh my... that's too hard to answer!
Here's three:

tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself.
1) I'm an aspiring author/film director with a few projects on the go and a possible publication coming out shortly in a magazine
2) I'm obsessed with Ancient Egypt
3) I have a rather large collection of socks, but none of them match.
4 fave bands: Sneaker Pimps, Ladytron, Placebo, The Cure
4 fave movies: A Clockwork Orange, Party Monster, To Kill A Mockingbird, Singin in the Rain (essentially anything with Gene Kelly in it), Rebel Without A Cause (sorry, I couldn't pick just 4!)
3 fave books: Disco Bloodbath, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Picture of Dorian Grey
fave tv show: Oh, gosh. I'm addicted to Stargate-SG1 (GIANT DORK, I believe I've mentioned that before, lol) and I love Big Brother because I thrive off of reality tv drama.
what do you think of government? explain. My government or yours? I'm currently pleased with my government for legalizing gay marriage Canada-wide. Other than that really, I cannot speak on government because I only tend to pay attention when it comes to elections, or when something really big happens.
gay marriage? explain All for it. All of my close friends are gay, lol. I never understood why my friend who's a girl can marry some guy she's known for a month and divorce a week later, but my best friend who has been in a committed relationship with his boyfriend for seven years couldn't get married. It's insanely ludicrous and I'm glad my government finally got their heads on right.
abortion: I'm pro-choice. It's not my place to tell someone what to do with their body, because it's not MY body. I figure it like this: Not my body, not my decision.
weather: I'm sick of the sun. I'm tired of being sweaty and gross and I'm extremely pissed at the sunburn I somehow acquired this afternoon. I'm loving the fact that we have thunderstorms due sometime tonight.
what is your AIM sn? I don't have one at the moment, but I'm seriously contemplating getting AIM since everyone seems to have it!
if you were a club kid, what would your name be? pick something ORIGINAL.
If I were a club kid? psssshhhh.... My club hoppers all call me MyckiDelish, but another alias of mine for when in clubland is Ana St. Fierce. Real names are so boring and overrated. :)

sidenote: feel free to add me if you wish, I'm relatively new to livejournal and friends would be nice. :)
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